With over 12 years of experience in the credit industry, we have built and cultivated a proven small business financing model. Centered on the expertise and creativity of our people, our model is more than just a formula. It is a philosophy that each business has unique needs which require a unique approach.

  • We offer primary business tradeline packages that report to the three major business credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax & Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE). Adding business tradelines is like adding authorized user tradelines except that they are attached to a business credit file.

Business tradelines offer many benefits that personal tradelines do not, for example;

  • Business Tradelines are aged back to the date your business corporation or LLC was created.
  • Business Tradelines post as Primary Tradelines.
  • Business Tradelines never close, fall off or disappear.
  • Business Tradeline packages add a nice blend to your credit file and allow you to qualify for various business funding programs and/ or business lines of credit.
  • Process of attaching tradelines takes roughly 60 days and once completed we will provide a copy of the credit report for each bureau showing that the business tradeline posted.


  • Business tradelines—sometimes called trade references or trade information—are credit accounts that appear on business credit reports.
  • On personal credit reports, you may have primary or authorized user tradelines for your bank, retail or store credit cards. You will also see accounts listed as auto, home loan, student loans, and/or lines of credit. For business credit reports, there are two types of business tradelines, financial tradelines and vendor tradelines.
  • Your company’s financial tradelines are tradelines that a bank, credit union, or financial institution reports. Financial tradelines illustrate your company’s history of obtaining and repaying (or missing payments) on financial products, such as a business credit card, loan, lease, or line of credit.
  • Additionally, business credit reports can have vendor tradelines. These are also known as trade credit, merchant, corporate, or supplier tradelines. Vendor tradelines are the net payment accounts you may have with suppliers and vendors.
  • For example, if you open a net-30 account with a vendor, you’ll have 30 days to pay an invoice. Your company’s credit report may show how much credit you used and whether you made your payments early, on time, or late.
  • There are several business credit bureaus that track business tradelines, along with other information about your business.
  • Some bureaus specialize in financial tradelines, while others focus on vendor tradelines. A few commercial credit reporting agencies collect and categorize data about both types of tradelines.
  • For example, Experian’s business credit reports may list all your business’s credit accounts and categorize the tradeline company as financial, supply, services, utilities, or transportation.
  • Experian is also a consumer credit bureau, but your Experian business credit profile is completely separate from your personal Experian credit report.
  • In contrast, Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) only tracks business credit and focuses on vendor tradelines. It also categorizes a company’s trade payments. D&B may group your trade credit accounts by industry rather than listing each supplier.
  • Establishing business credit can be overwhelming for any business owner, whether large or small. It could be something as simple as obtaining a business loan or an equipment line of credit to make the manufacturing process faster, it also could be something as important as striking a new deal with a potential partner. Your business credit profile will help you accomplish all of these and plenty of other things in between.
  • Establishing positive business credit makes it much easier to get approval for a business loan, business vehicle loans or even an equipment line of credit. Potential lenders always request business credit reports in the same way they request personal credit reports. The same logic applies. If you have a positive history, then it will be easier to get approved with a lower interest rate and could save the business thousands in the long run.
  • Business tradelines can be important because they can help other businesses and organizations determine your company’s creditworthiness.
  • Your business credit reports may have overviews of your company’s history of paying its bills and trade credit accounts.
  • They also often have details about the business, such as how old it is, the industry, whether there are outstanding liens or judgments, and information about the owners.
  • Someone may review your business’s credit reports when you apply for a loan, line of credit, lease, insurance, or trade credit. Or, when you try to get a contract with a major corporation or government agency.
  • Many business credit reports also come with business credit scores or creditworthiness ratings, and your tradelines can directly impact these.
  • For example, the D&B Paydex Score ranges from 1 to 100. You need to make on-time payments on your trade accounts to get a score of 80. If you want a higher score, you need to pay earlier than your trade credit accounts require.

We will need the following info to add Primary Business Tradelines:

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Your Phone Number:
  3. Company Name (Inc. or LLC):
  4. Company Federal Tax ID:
  5. Company Address:
  6. Date Business Started:
  7. Your business should show active and current with the Secretary of State in order for business tradelines to post offers the following packages to build credit for your business. Our lines are financial lines, not Net 30s, and they are primary lines.
Posting time is approximately 2-4 Weeks

Item #Item Name/DescriptionPriceSpots Available
Package 150,000 Line: Experian and SBFE$9958
Package 2100,000 Line: Experian and SBFE$18958
Package 3150,000 Line: Experian and SBFE$2,495.008
Package 4Custom BuildSold OutNot Available